Name: Travis Marcus Buchanan


Sims 2 version of Travis by Rhiannon Frater

Age: 32

Ethnicity: Irish/German

Place of Birth: Houston, TX

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Travis is one of the two main male characters in the AS THE WORLD DIES ZOMBIE TRILOGY.

Quiet by nature, Travis is a reluctant leader. He tends to try to be the peacemaker and the man behind the scenes, but this often does not happen. Passionate about architecture and helping people, he moved to Ashley Oaks to start a new life after giving up a high stress, but successful career in Houston.

A pacifist with a dislike for weapons, it is often difficult for him to make hard choices that concern people's lives. Though he is best friends with Juan and has good relationships with those around him, he is a loner by nature. The fact people look up to him and expect him to lead is uncomfortable for him, but with Katie's support he steps up to the plate.