Nerit created by Rhiannon Frater in Sims 2.

Name: Nerit Toombs

Age: 62 (at the beginning of the first book)

Ethnicity: Israeli

Place of Birth: Israel

Hair: Silver (originally blonde)

Eyes: Grey-green

Marital Status: Married (Ralph Toombs, 3rd husband)

Children: Benyamin, David, Yonatan (all three sons are in Israel with their families. Fates unknown)

Nerit is one of the primary characters in the AS THE WORLD DIES TRILOGY.

Nerit is pragmatic about everything. Raised in Israel, she was a sniper for the IDF and most likely was involved in the Mossad. She doesn't speak of her past, but she is coldly efficient and has no issue killing the living or the undead.

She is always prepared to make the more difficult decisions, helping out Travis in this regard. She will always put the survival of the fort ahead of the individual. People love her, but yet fear her.

Nerit is a handsome older woman who has kept herself fit, but has no time for vanity.

She is a mysterious figure at times, but she would describe herself as "just a woman who does what needs to be done."